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January 2022

United States National Grid
The United States National Grid (USNG) is a multi-purpose location system of grid references used in the United States. It provides a nationally consistent
National Grid plc
National Grid plc is a British multinational electricity and gas utility company headquartered in London, England. Its principal activities are in the
Ordnance Survey National Grid
The Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system (also known as British National Grid (BNG)) is a system of geographic grid references used in Great
National Grid
Great Britain National Grid plc, a utilities company based in the UK that also operates in the northeastern United States National Grid (India), the electricity
Cartography of the United States
Survey. Geography of the United States Territorial evolution of the United States United States National Grid United States territorial acquisitions Cartography
National Grid (Great Britain)
In the electricity sector in the United Kingdom the National Grid is the high-voltage electric power transmission network serving Great Britain, connecting
Military Grid Reference System
Transverse Mercator has replaced the Irish grid reference system United States National Grid (USNG), developed by the Federal Geographic Data Committee. World
Electrical grid
and 50 Hertz. This started operating as a national system, the National Grid, in 1938. In the United States in the 1920s, utilities formed joint-operations
Maidenhead Locator System
Maidenhead Locator format. Military Grid Reference System Ordnance Survey National Grid QRA locator United States National Grid World Geographic Reference System
Smart grid in the United States
Support for the smart grid in the United States became federal policy with passage of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The law set out