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January 2019

String-searching algorithm
computer science, string-searching algorithms, sometimes called string-matching algorithms, are an important class of string algorithms that try to find
Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm
computer science, the Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm is an efficient string-searching algorithm that is the standard benchmark for practical string-search
Rabin–Karp algorithm
In computer science, the Rabin–Karp algorithm or Karp–Rabin algorithm is a string-searching algorithm created by Richard M. Karp and Michael O. Rabin (1987)
Search algorithm
In computer science, a search algorithm is any algorithm which solves the search problem, namely, to retrieve information stored within some data structure
Aho–Corasick algorithm
Aho–Corasick algorithm is a string-searching algorithm invented by Alfred V. Aho and Margaret J. Corasick. It is a kind of dictionary-matching algorithm that
Approximate string matching
approximate string matching (often colloquially referred to as fuzzy string searching) is the technique of finding strings that match a pattern approximately
Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm
In computer science, the Knuth–Morris–Pratt string-searching algorithm (or KMP algorithm) searches for occurrences of a "word" W within a main "text string"
String (computer science)
are many algorithms for processing strings, each with various trade-offs. Some categories of algorithms include: String searching algorithms for finding
Bitap algorithm
patterns in 1998.[8] The bitap algorithm for exact string searching, in full generality, looks like this in pseudocode: algorithm bitap_search(text : string
Raita algorithm
science, the Raita algorithm is a string searching algorithm which improves the performance of Boyer-Moore-Horspool algorithm. This algorithm preprocesses the