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October 2021

Searching or search may refer to: Search algorithm, including keyword search Category:Search algorithms Search and optimization for problem solving in
Searching (film)
Searching is a 2018 American mystery thriller computer screen film directed by Aneesh Chaganty in his feature debut and written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian
Searching 2
Searching 2 is an upcoming American thriller computer screen film written and directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson, from a story by Aneesh Chaganty
Searching for Sheela
Searching for Sheela is a 2021 Indian documentary film created, directed and executive produced by Shakun Batra. The film traces the life of Ma Anand
Seoul Searching
Seoul Searching is a 2016 South Korean comedy-drama film written and directed by Benson Lee and starring Justin Chon, Jessika Van, Cha In-Pyo and Teo
Search engine
indexing, and searching) as described below. Because of the limited resources available on the platform it ran on, its indexing and hence searching were limited
Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy is an American travel and food show which premiered on February 14, 2021 on CNN. The series follows Academy Award-nominee
Range searching
In data structures, the range searching problem most generally consists of preprocessing a set S of objects, in order to determine which objects from
Searching for Sugar Man
Searching for Sugar Man is a 2012 Swedish–British–Finnish documentary film about a South African cultural phenomenon, directed and written by Malik Bendjelloul
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Searching for Bobby Fischer, released in the United Kingdom as Innocent Moves, is a 1993 American drama film written and directed by Steven Zaillian,