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May 2022

Patrol boat
A patrol boat (also referred to as a patrol craft, patrol ship or patrol vessel) is a relatively small naval vessel generally designed for coastal defence
Raptor-class patrol boat
The Raptor-class patrol boat, formally identified as Project 03160, is a series of Russian high-speed coastal patrol boats. Boats of the class belong to
Patrol Boat, River
Patrol Boat, Riverine, or PBR, is the United States Navy designation for a small rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam War from March 1966 until
Mark VI patrol boat
a class of patrol boat in service with the United States Navy, designed to patrol riverine and littoral waters. The first two Mark VI boats were delivered
Russian patrol boat Vasily Bykov
(Russian: Василий Быков, romanized: Vasiliy Bykov) is a project 22160 patrol boat of the Russian Navy, of which it was the first ship built. It was laid
Armidale-class patrol boat
class of patrol boats built for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Planning for a class of vessels to replace the fifteen Fremantle-class patrol boats began
Island-class patrol boat
The Island-class patrol boat is a class of cutters of the United States Coast Guard. 49 cutters of the class were built, of which 37 remain in commission
Marine Protector-class patrol boat
The Marine Protector class is a class of coastal patrol boats of the United States Coast Guard. The 87-foot-long vessels are based on the Stan 2600 design
Cape-class patrol boat
The Cape class is a ship class of 20 large patrol boats operated by the Marine Unit of the Australian Border Force, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and
Pacific-class patrol boat
known as the Pacific Forum class and the ASI 315 class) is a class of 22 patrol boats built by Australia and donated to twelve South Pacific countries. They