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June 2019

In Search of Space
In Search of Space is the second studio album from Hawkwind, released in 1971. It reached No. 18 on the UK album charts. Bass player John A Harrison left
State space search
State space search is a process used in the field of computer science, including artificial intelligence (AI), in which successive configurations or states
Search space
Search space may refer to one of the following. In optimization, the domain of the function to be optimized In search algorithms of computer science,
Nearest neighbor search
Nearest neighbor search (NNS), as a form of proximity search, is the optimization problem of finding the point in a given set that is closest (or most
Binary search algorithm
number of elements in the array, the O is Big O notation, and log is the logarithm. Binary search takes constant (O(1)) space, meaning that the space taken
Search algorithm
in the search space of a problem domain, either with discrete or continuous values. Specific applications of search algorithms include: Problems in combinatorial
Local search (optimization)
a number of candidate solutions. Local search algorithms move from solution to solution in the space of candidate solutions (the search space) by applying
Iterative deepening depth-first search
In computer science, iterative deepening search or more specifically iterative deepening depth-first search (IDS or IDDFS) is a state space/graph search
List of search engines
Ecosia Egerin Ms. Dewey Facebook Search, until 2014 HotBot WebCrawler AOL Search, until 2015 Groovle MySpace Search Mystery Seeker Netscape Ripple BOL
Neural architecture search
categorized according to the search space, search strategy and performance estimation strategy used: The search space defines the type(s) of ANN that can be designed