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April 2021

Domain-key normal form
Domain-key normal form (DK/NF) is a normal form used in database normalization which requires that the database contains no constraints other than domain
Database normalization
Essential tuple normal form 5NF: Fifth normal form DKNF: Domain-key normal form 6NF: Sixth normal form Normalization is a database design technique, which
Sixth normal form
term sixth normal form differently: as a synonym for Domain/key normal form (DKNF). This usage predates Date et al.'s work. The sixth normal form is currently
First normal form
First normal form (1NF) is a property of a relation in a relational database. A relation is in first normal form if and only if the domain of each attribute
Referential integrity
allows them to add foreign key constraints on a table. Null pointer dereferencing Dangling pointer Domain/key normal form Entity integrity Functional
Jordan normal form
linear algebra, a Jordan normal form, also known as a Jordan canonical form or JCF, is an upper triangular matrix of a particular form called a Jordan matrix
Relational model
first normal form is vulnerable to all types of anomalies, while a database that's in the domain/key normal form has no modification anomalies. Normal forms
Domain Name System Security Extensions
Domain owners generate their own keys, and upload them using their DNS control panel at their domain-name registrar, which in turn pushes the keys via
Transitive dependency
dependency. In database normalization, one of the important features of third normal form is that it excludes certain types of transitive dependencies. E.F. Codd
Log-normal distribution
considering the central limit theorem in the log domain (sometimes call Gibrat's law). The log-normal distribution is the maximum entropy probability distribution